All of the „Kreativistika“ workshops have the same goal: recognizing, embracing and using creativity in everyday life.

Why put such an emphasis to creativity?

Because creativity is a way of life and creative energy is a vital, life energy which, if blocked, blocks many other parts of life. It makes us feel joyless, apathic and rigid. It is the virtue that lets us improvise, think outside the box, to find new ways of overcoming obstacles, to constantly re-invent and open ourselves to the new possibilities.

Workshops have following goals:

  • to help participants find their authentic way of self-expression through creative methods (working with colors, sounds, movement, crystals…)
  • reconnecting with Nature through simple techniques
  • to introduce participants to the chakra diagnostics, story of each chakra and energy balancing with aromatherapy, flower essences, color therapy, crystal therapy
  • to unleash creative resources by experimenting with various creative techniques

Every workshop follows these simple principles regardless of the workshop theme.

Workshops 2016 /2017


Re-imagine Yourself

Our journey to the creative core will be powered by strengthening the connection with Mother Nature: through guided visualizations, by basic work with crystals and flower essences (Bach Flower Therapy and aromatherapy spray essences), by working with 4 elements (cleansing, charging, aligning, balancing with Nature) and angel cards.