Simonida Zorić Jančić

Bach Flower Remedies practitioner & Creativity Coach

I help people love their life by reconecting with their creative passion through holistic methods. | +381 63 856 13 16

Creativity and need for creating have been essential to me since I can remember. I have started experimenting with my creative expression while I was a student od Academy of Arts and it has been a real struggle and pain for me to feel constantly blocked out from my creative source. After the Academy, I have been participating in various creative workshops and self-growth seminars in order to let myself create again. This experience has led me to commit myself to helping others who have felt the same struggle of being stuck.

Since 2012 I have held many creative workshops with the same goal: to let the participants feel how creating from heart and soul can bring powerful healing. During past several years I have collaborated with lifestyle magazine Sensa on numerous occasions in which we tried together to show how creativity could be used as a tool of personal transformation towards peace and bliss.

The best results came through one-week seminars which I held with other therapists in holistic camp Harmony on the Island of Pasman (Croatia) for three years. During these seminars, the participants learnt how to use color, voice and movement to explore their inner landscape, express what can’t be said in words. They learnt to play with their inner child, listen to their intuition and tame inner critic…

I am grateful to my mentor, Dragana Visnjic, who has been a kind influence since 2000 till now and who has taught me about healing properties of herbs and plants.

Since 2014 I have been practising Reiki and I am a Third Degree Reiki practitioner. In 2016, I have finished my education in Bach Flower Remedies as well as the psychodynamic Communication Skills Training. In 2017, I have finished Hakomi Method Essentials with Manuela Mischke-Reeds and Rob Fisher. I am trained Hola method therapist.

In 2012, I have founded Retro Ducan, my pet project which gives me wonderful chance to create vintage inspired jewelry.

I enjoy nature, free dance, travelling and soaking up new cultures and I try to make this world a better place for stray animals.

I speak English and Italian fluently.