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In Search of Love: Heart Chakra Story

Jack of all trades, master of none
May 3, 2017
Jack of all trades, master of none
May 3, 2017

A quest for love is actually in the very heart of the human nature: every one of us searches for love during our lifetime, as best as we can. That quest gets us going and keeps us motivated: it is the search of what we love to do, who we love and selflove. Our heart is the seat of our right to love and be loved.

Heart chakra is located in the chests and it is the crossroads of lower chakra energies (energies of personal and individual pursuits) and higher chakra energies (in which we connect with Higher Consciousness and collective spirit). It is the place of insight that we are all the same, one, whole and eternally interconnected.

When the Heart awakens, we see the world through love. It is not a view tainted by idealization but true understanding and accepting of other creatures (humans, plants and animals as well as situations and circumstances.

How does well balanced heart chakra feels like?

Love that lives in the first three chakras is always tainted by some need or hidden agenda: need for security, sex or power. Love that lives in the fourth chakra is unconditional-it is the state of mind in which we ourselves mirrored in the faces of other fellow human or animal beings. When we feel compassion toward people, plants or animals that suffer, it is a voice of our open heart. When we feel love with our whole being, with no „if“ and „but“ attached, when you just feel in your bones that life is not a struggle and power-play in which others would destroy, hurt or deprive us-it is a voice of open heart.

Well balanced heart chakra brings selflove and self-respect, healthy relationships, acceptance of others, unconditional love.

The shadow of Heart is sorrow and grief.

Symptoms of imbalances are manifested as jealousy, possessiveness, co-dependent relationships, neediness, clinging to others, criticism. Sultry mood, narcissistic behavior, bitterness and ruthlessness are also signs of heart chakra imbalanced work.

How can we balance it?

Apart from the committed psychological work (through counseling and therapy), there are many holistic methods that can be used.

Colors of this center are green and pink so the vibrations of related crystals can soothe and nourish the heart energy: rose quartz, pink rhodochrosite, peridot, jade, green aventurine, malachite, emerald. Preferred form of intentional jewelry: necklace made of the related crystals.

Bach Flower Remedies are gentle but very efficient method of vibrational balancing. If imbalances are manifested through intolerance or judging, Beech remedy could help. If grief and sorrow form a heavy veil over heart, Star of Betlehem. If you feel bitter or unable to forgive and accept – Willow. If you feel emotionally needy, clingy, manipulative or possessive – Chicory. If we feel resentment, hate or anger or if maybe we think we have to compete all the time because others will take our piece of cake – Holly.

Aromatherapy remedies are also good energy support in this matter. Heart chakra aroma remedies include essential oils of rose, neroli, melissa, eucalyptus and jasmine. These plants will lighten up and cleanse the subtle energies of heart chakra, giving it peace, wisdom and balance it requires.

Simonida Zorić Jančić
Simonida Zorić Jančić
Osnivač „Retro Dućana“ i Centra razvoja kreativnih potencijala "Kreativistika". Licencirani praktičar Bahovih cvetnih esencija, creativity coach u edukaciji, usavršava znanja i veštine na različitim seminarima i edukacijama iz oblasti psiho-energetskog rada i ličnog razvoja. Večnu inspiraciju pronalazi u prirodi, životinjama i putovanjima.

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